Check us out at VEGAN BLOCK PARTY 2019!

October 6th, 2018

Thousands of people gather at Coconut Grove’s Regatta Park for a brand new vegan event – VEGAN BLOCK PARTY – Many of which munch on a vegan hot dog…

Vegan Block Party was our debut event. We knew it was going to be great! But it shattered our expectations…

…We began receiving emails from [the event founder] Ariel in the days leading up to the event. Ticket sales were skyrocketing – and in a blink of an eye, Saturday morning, ticket sales exceeded 1,200, with even more attendees expected!

There ended up being more than 5,000 attendees and we served approximately 300 people vegan hot dogs. Most vendors had very long lines. Since this was our debut event, we had not yet developed an efficient system, so we also had a very long line.

It’s an incredible feeling, one that we have never felt before – to have 200 people, waiting in a line – for us. We felt pretty proud of how many people walked on over, and waited in our line – because they really wanted to eat our vegan hot dog. Many of them told us that it was completely worth the wait!

Vegan Block Party was an unforgettable, amazing event. And we had a great time serving vegan hot dogs!

..and we’re ready to do it again. Even better, and tastier than ever!

VEGAN BLOCK PARTY is returning to South Florida – at a larger, more secure venue in Miami’s trendiest neighborhood.

Join us and eat a vegan hot dog September 28, 12pm – 9pm at Mana Wynwood.

Can’t wait to feed you, party with you, and see you there!!

– The Harmless Hot Dog Team


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