About us – The Harmless hot dog cart

It was a normal day in the car. The topic of the conversation turned to what it frequently does: food. What should we eat? Hot dogs, like the yummy ones we make at home, but there isn’t anywhere to get them. So we thought, why don’t we open a vegan hot dog cart? It’s simple and fun and who doesn’t love hot dogs?

We started this hot dog cart with a simple mission; to promote the vegan lifestyle, to support animal welfare, to be friendly to the environment, and to feed people food that wouldn’t do harm. Hence our name – The Harmless hot dog cart.

We will selling hot dogs with a wide variety of toppings. You will have the option to customize your hot dog, by ordering the D.I.Y dog.

Or you could choose from our pre-created hot dogs. Like the chili n’ cheeze dog, or the spicy dog, or (my personal favorite) the barbecue dog.

What better way to eat a hot dog than with a soda and chips? Yup, we’ll be selling that too!

All menu items are vegan, dairy-free, egg-free & cholesterol free, non-gmo, mostly organic and served in eco-friendly packaging with as much zero waste as possible.

Doesn’t that sound good!?

Follow us on social media for updates on where we will be next. Or visit our homepage to see our next events.

Instagram: @harmlesshotdog

Facebook: The Harmless hot dog cart

Glad that you guys can be a part of our journey!

– The Harmless Hot Dog Team

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